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Friday, April 1, 2016

What is Chroma Key Photography?

"Chroma key photography, also known as green screen photography, is a process that allows you to replace a solid colored background with a background of your choice. This technique has been used in the film industry for years but it is now becoming very popular with photographers as well." - BRYAN WILDE

If you never have done one of these sessions, it can be a fun experience, especially during the post production phase.  This where you choose the background of your choice.  Most photographers who do this type of work will give you the choice of backgrounds.  Depending on their library, you can choose from an mixed inventory of patterns and textures.  Some photographers even have stock photography shots you can choose.

So what's the point of all this?  Well, very simple.  Green Screen Photography gives a low cost way for clients to have their photos taken.  Some photographers charge a small fee and then let the client set their own price by choosing how many photos you want to purchase. See our pricing here as an example. Green Screen photography has opened up a great market for people to have their photos taken easily and not burn a hole in their pockets.

The Imagination Factor

You can be placed on a beach in Jamaica or on the green fields of the midwest.  Ok, lets talk locale.  How about in a scene of antique furniture?  Maybe you like something more urban, windows, brick walls, mirrors, stainglass even.  Any of these objects can then be placed behind your photo.  Its a real interesting and artsy idea.

Want to keep it simple, choose backgrounds such as floral or modern, how about some pizazz?  How about the grunge look?  Maybe something more subtle.  The libraries are always growing and the ideas are always flowing. What a photographer can do with green screen technigues are only limited by his/her imagination, "The Green is the Thing".

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Book online or In Person?

Nowadays everything can be done online.  Your banking, bill pay, car payments, even your mortgage. Why not pay for services online too?  Here is a short list why booking your event online is a great idea.

Accurate event information
When you book online, its you who is supplying all the information.  No doubt that the photographer will get all the information he/she needs about your event.  This also gives less questions the photographer needs to ask.  Thus leaving your time free to concentrate on the event.

At home convenience
Some of us are a little old fashion and like to go to the store to see what we are buying and who we are giving our money too.  In this day and age, that has become a thing of the past mostly.  The internet has become a world where we can connect to so many resources and services.  So its just one more convenience and a time saver to book online too.  A photographer will also post a gallery of photos for you to look at, so you can make a choice.  Now, not all photographers offering online booking, you may still have to call.

Payment Options
Online booking gives you more payment options, other then just your checking account and credit cards, now you can use Paypal for example, a very widely known online payment processing company.  Mostly everyone is using this these days.  Paypal is a very secure method of paying someone for service.

Mobile Devices
Everyone these days has a mobile device, whether  its a smart phone or tablet.  There is no need to go hunting around town to find a photographer when you can use your mobile device to find one that you like.  And when using an online booking service, you can be assured its mobile ready.  So that way you can view the pages perfectly formatted.  Makes it easier to read and see the information that helps you decide to book or not.

Well thats it, a short list indeed.  But a few good points as to why you should book online.  And you know what, perhaps the photographer has a online booking special that you can only get online.  That would be worth it alone, don't you think?  So next time you come across a photographer who offers online booking, don't be afraid to give it a try.  You might just like it!

On the other side of the coin, if you're the old fashion type and prefer to see who you are hiring, there isn't anything wrong with that too.  Every photographer (including this one) is happy to meet clients face to face.

"Package" Term - Misunderstood

"How about a Package Deal?"  A question far heard one to many times by Photographers (and service persons alike).  A client wants all these options rolled up into one package and given a fair price.

Well what is a package deal?  What is the advantage or is there one? Is the term, "package" misunderstood?

Questions, questions, questions.  Let's break this down somewhat.

What is a Package Deal?

Termed by the service industry, a package deal is the service plus available options requested all rolled up into one discounted price.  Example, you get 6 hours of service, and a photo shoot session and was given a fair price, a package deal.  Simple right?

 What is the advantage or is there one?

An Honest Photographer would say, "yes" as he/she would figure that you're willing to spend all this money on several options cause you are happy with the services that are going to be provided, so they discount some of the pricing on each of those options.  So a photo shoot session, normally $199 extra, may of been discount to $159 extra.  So in that regards, yes there is an advantage.

Misunderstood term: Package

On the other hand, the question, Is the term, "package" misunderstood?  Mostly definitely.  Most Photographers, for example, list there services as "packages", ie, Package 1, Rose Package, or Superior Package. This gives the client an idea what they can buy and what services they are getting exactly.  Now, a client may ask, well can I take this out and add this instead.  Most times, that works, and the price is adjusted.

Some photographers(not all) do not deviate from the services they have listed.  Those packages are what they offer.  So package in that sense doesn't mean discount.  It means, here are your choices among the services they offer.  Choose the best "package" that works for you.

When reading about what Photographers have to offer and you come across the term package, keep in mind (and dont forget to ask), are you getting a package deal or is this just the standard list of services.  Also, look for an options page or ask for a options list.  If the standard list of services isn't enough for what you need, the options more then likely will be add-ons.  Add-ons can be a wide range from  "Bride Getting Ready Photos" to Photo shoot at a beach in between your Ceremony and Reception or perhaps you want Family Portraits taken.  

Understand that the more requests(options or add-ons) you choose to make, the more you will be charged. Afterall, the photographer is taking his/her time to fulfill your request and should be compensated accordingly.